Why Should We Switch from Chemical-based to Organic and Natural Hair Care Products?

By: Jennifer Chiongson Reyes

Despite the gaining popularity in the use of organic and natural shampoo and conditioner, there are some who are still hesitant to change their commercial synthetic products. The long years of use could be the factor.

Know the harmful effects of chemical based products and the good benefits of using organic and natural one. This could help you decide whether to stick with your conventional synthetic shampoo and conditioner or switch to a sustainable organic and natural based ingredients. Take note that the primary difference between the organic and natural products vs. the synthetic products are basically the ingredients.

Mass market shampoos usually contains sulfate that when mixed with water will quickly turn into foam. It effectively does the job of cleaning dirt, oil and dead skin in our hair and scalp. These shampoos are the one we commonly find in our local supermarket.  

Sulfate is safe to use if the chemical is in low concentration and if not frequently used – I hope this will not be however, an excuse to skip taking a bath every day.

Frequent and excessive use of sulfate strips away the natural proteins and oil in the scalp and hair. If you have a dry hair, the loss of oil can worsen the condition.

The loss of natural protein from excessive exposure to sulfate can likely weaken your hair and result to its breakage. It also slows down the growth of the newer hair.   

Ingredients in synthetic hair care products can also cause allergies and irritation. It may give you flaky skin. It can harm not only the skin but also the eyes.

The over use of silicones, alcohol and sulphates overtime will make the hair looks dry, dull and lifeless.

On the other hand, Holistic hair care means treating our scalp and hair with sustainable organic and natural ingredients.

Natural and organic shampoos contain different minerals and essential oils that are gentle to the skin. These minerals and oils can even repair damaged hair (split ends). It improves the hair strands, regenerate the follicle and renew dormant hair cells. 

Skin is considered as the largest part of the body. When we take a bath using synthetic shampoos, the chemicals like the phthalates, will come into contact with our skin and will be absorbed by our entire body. When absorbed, it can cause several health problems and can even alter reproductive development.

In contrast, think of the health benefits that the organic and natural products can give when the herbs and oil are absorbed by the skin from scalp to toes .

The use of organic and natural shampoo can restore the skins’ correct pH balance. Restoring the correct pH balance is necessary because it helps our scalp and skin natural acidic sebum fights bacteria and fungus that is causing hair loss and skin diseases.

Synthetic shampoo contains silicon. Silicon can later build up in the roots of your hair and block the moisture and natural oils from spreading. This can result to greasy hair. Organic and natural products on the other hand produces oil that cleans the roots of your hair making each strand healthy and strong.   

When you do hair color, the harsh alkaline ingredients damage the protective layer affecting the scalp. Using natural and organic ingredients will help resolve the damage without ruining your hair color. The essentials from the organic ingredients will do the curing.

We are also helping our habitat when we use organic and natural hair care products. The ingredients are produced through organic farming. There are no pesticides used that can harm the environment. The ingredients used for production are also biodegradable.

We are saving our aquatic wildlife from chemicals and poisons when we use organic and natural products. The water that streams down from our bathroom drain to the waterways are safe and will not poison our marine species.

No animals are being harmed for testing organic and natural products during its production.

Lastly, when you buy organic and natural products, you are giving back to the communities by helping the farmers who are producing the organic ingredients.

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