The Advantages of Outsourcing Content Creator

By: Jennifer Chiongson Reyes

When we talk about a website or social media content, we are referring to anything written or visual that we post on our portal site or social media pages. It could be a blog post, a piece of news, a simple text quotation, or a graphic design and videos. 

Why do we need to regularly post content on our website and social media pages? 

Content should be posted regularly as it helps your company or business site or pages rank higher in search engines. As you rank higher, your page and website are getting more visible to the audience or market that allows you to reach out to potential customers. 

Having an idea now of the importance of content and its regular posting on our websites and social media accounts, here comes the problem of, what content should you pin?

This could be stressful as you need to think of the kind of content you should be posting every day as there should be a variety of it. Without variation, followers will get bored and they will no longer take time to check your page and this will not only affect your ranking in the search engine but ultimately, this will affect the ultimate purpose of establishing your product brand or business in the online market.

Unless you are a jack of all trades and a master of everything, an expert in graphic design, video creation, and content writing, this won’t be a problem. With the right tools, you can easily optimize your content, social media pages, and website without a sweat. Everything comes easy especially if you are willing to spend much for an ad on every platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to boost your page and increase the traffic on your website. 

What if you are not an expert in design and video creation? How many hours will it take you to research and write an article for your blog page? How long it will take to finish a video and a graphic content? The time spend for those which you supposedly be spending with friends and family? How much will it cost you for the tools and paid advertisement? 

Here are the pros of outsourcing a content creator. 

  1. You can have ample time to do other tasks needed for your business as well as time to spend quality time for your family.
  2. A content creator will take care of the planning of the variety of content that will be posted on your social media sites and website. There will be a collaboration of course before the creation of the content and approval from you before the posting.
  3. You no longer need to purchase costly tools for graphic designs and video creations especially if you are hiring the service of a marketing agency as they already have their tools for the purpose. Mostly, with freelancers, you have to provide them with the software needed for graphic design and video creation. 
  4. There is a diverse group of talents in an agency. There would be different people, depending on their skill that will handle the creation of your videos, the editing of your graphics and the writing of your blog content. In cases of technical problems in your websites, depending on your agreement or contract, the agency can even provide you additional technical service if needed. 
  5. You can reach a wider audience as your content creator will surely help you share your content on their websites and social media pages too. 

Reading the pros and cons, you now have the option of whether to stick with the I-will-do-it-myself content for your website and social media pages or hire a content creator to free yourself from stress and have freedom with your time. You also have an option of whether to hire a freelancer or make a contract with a marketing agency. 

There are a lot of marketing agencies that offer content creation to various businesses. We at Booseebee assured you that we will be providing you with the best quality content that will suit your budget. We have the people, the tools, and the strategy or plan of what content is best for your brand and the variation of content to make your website and social media pages interesting to the audience. 

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