How to Start with Social Media Management

By: Jennifer Tan Chiongson Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used as a means of introducing your product or service to the market. It is used as a medium to relay events and information to the public.  When we speak of social media management, it involves a variety of tasks. It is not

The Advantages of Outsourcing Content Creator

By: Jennifer Chiongson Reyes When we talk about a website or social media content, we are referring to anything written or visual that we post on our portal site or social media pages. It could be a blog post, a piece of news, a simple text quotation, or a graphic design and videos.  Why do


By: Jennifer Chiongson Reyes Our body is connected to our mind. Our brain affects our health. Stress and conflict shock impact our being. Doing physical exercise improves health but a true health warrior understands that it requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions to be perfectly fit. That makes yoga the best form of exercise. Physical

Why Should We Switch from Chemical-based to Organic and Natural Hair Care Products?

By: Jennifer Chiongson Reyes Despite the gaining popularity in the use of organic and natural shampoo and conditioner, there are some who are still hesitant to change their commercial synthetic products. The long years of use could be the factor. Know the harmful effects of chemical based products and the good benefits of using organic and natural one.


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